Let's start by picking up litter

Who are Planet People?

Planet People pick up litter. We take simple steps to care for our planet. We clean up our streets, parks, and beaches one piece of trash at a time. 


We are engaging the next generation of Earth stewards by donating packs to preschool teachers, elementary schools, and youth programs. Please join us by donating a Planet Pack. 

Ken Spencer, Planet Pack Dad and CEO



There are multiple ways to support Planet People:

  • Go outside and pick up litter. Add hashtag #biggerthanlitter to spread awareness!

  • Help place Planet Packs in your local schools through the Planet People donation program. 

  • Shop Planet Packs in our store to support ournonprofit


Planet People inspire the next generation of Earth stewards by donating Planet Packs to local schools and organizing community litter pick-up events. 

View photos from some of our events here or follow us on social media.

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