Planet People

Bigger than litter


Winter Pick-up pause begins December 16. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a winter pick-up. 

"You can start your own Planet Pick-ups just like I did in Burlington, Vermont.


Parks are a great place to start.  They need volunteers, the litter is manageable, and they are the first taste of nature for so many young people. Your local Parks and Recs will probably help out with supplies.


Contact us and we will create a google calendar for your city or town! Lydia Mann just started one in Orleans MA"

Ken Spencer, Planet Pack Dad and CEO

Contact Ken

"When pick-ups resume, I will follow this schedule. If you would like to pick-up this winter and want company, give me a call and we can activate any of these days"

Our Work

Planet People was created by Lost With Friends LLC to help build a litter conscious community.

Kickstarter Successfully funded: See full donor list here.