Planet People

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Planet Picker Tongs

Planet Picker Tongs


Planet Picker tongs are comfortable, light, and strong. This tool is my favorite way to pick up litter and get it into my Planet Pack. The length allows me to reach into brush and to pick up most objects without bending over. It is precise enough to snag a cigarette butt. I designed it to break down and re-assemble with simple threads to allow for ease of packing when I travel.


Planet Packs and Planet Picker tongs are warrantied for materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Use our contact form to describe the issue and condition of the pack with Ken to decide how best to solve any product issues. A torn bag caused by sharp or overly heavy products is not covered by this warranty. Replacement bags are available for purchase.

Planet People was created by Lost With Friends LLC to help build a litter conscious community.

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