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planet pack patrons.

Every school we meet wants Planet Pack in the classroom. Planet Patrons are making it possible to spread Planet Pack far and wide. You will make a huge impact on children. Your business will be part of our mission.


how it works.

If you want to put a Planet Pack into 10 schools, simply reach out to Ken and put him to work. For a donation of $720.00, Ken will place and introduce Planet Pack to 10 schools that have requested packs. He will inspire the students to start caring for their neighborhoods, picking up litter, recycling, reducing their reliance on plastic, and becoming Waste Free Warriors! For interested buusinesses, co-branding is also available. For details, follow this link.

PlanEt Pack Patrons

Patrons: John Belskis, Ken Spencer, Susan Miller, Jesse Fink, Winn Ellis, Eli Spencer, Lisa Mann, Richard Mann, Sally Hart, Sarah Yarbrough, Jeanne Greenblatt, Judson Potter, Tim Moore, Tory Smith Mckenzie, Jonathan and Nancy Wettstein.

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