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Raising Hands


School Notebook

     Planet People donate packs and match donors with schools that want Planet Pack. Every school has environmentally motivated teachers, librarians, clubs and students. Any of these can host Planet Pack.

    Students become Waste Free Warriors and learn they can do something now to care for their neighborhood and planet. They become empowered and aware through this simple work. The conversations just happen. What is waste, where does this come from, what can be recycled and what can't, what can we do differently? 

     If you know of a teacher or classroom ready to get to work, or if you can donate a Planet Pack, please use our contact form. Ken will find a match. 

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Challenge #1 Around my school; along my street: Take a photo or make a short video (about 15 seconds) of yourself or class picking up litter. 

Upload your video/photo here. We will pick a winner monthly to receive a free Planet Pack and shout out on 


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Teenage Students Raising Hands


Watch where you're walking! Always try and wear bright colors and stay vigilant when near busy streets or highways.


Avoid collecting sharp or dangerous items unless you have the proper gear. Items to avoid: anything sharp, needles, leaking containers.


If possible, always try and collect litter with a buddy. If a buddy isn't available, make sure someone knows where you are and what you're doing.




Picking up litter is safe and fun with Planet Pack; kids learn about waste and consumer packaging. They become stewards of the planet starting right in their neighborhoods.

Ken Spencer, Planet Pack Dad and CEO
Learn more and contact Ken

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