Planet People

Bigger than litter

schools pitch in.

Planet People hopes to empower a generation of litter activists by donating a Planet Pack to every school that would like one.

how it works.

Schools will choose a motivated class, library or green club to receive a free Planet Pack. Ken will Skype in and encourage the group to clean their neighborhoods. If the group records 60 bags of litter collected, they can earn a second free pack. When a Planet Pack is sold on our website, the purchaser may choose a participating non-profit to receive a $5 donation. 

Participating schools:  Champlain Valley Union, VT; Charlotte Central School, VT; Dana Hall, MA;  Lakewood Elementary, VA; Edmunds Elementary, VT; West Tisbury School, MA; Full Circle Preschool, VT; Smilie Memorial, VT.

sustainable student


Students may upload photos, academic work, or art (all related to litter) in a casual monthly contest. The winner will receive a Planet Pack, $100.00 to be used for a class pizza party, or prizes offered by our sponsors.

Contest Details

Safety First


Watch where you're walking! Always try and wear bright colors and stay vigilant when near busy streets or highways.


Avoid collecting sharp or dangerous items unless you have the proper gear. Items to avoid: anything sharp, needles, leaking containers.


If possible, always try and collect litter with a buddy. If a buddy isn't available, make sure someone knows where you are and what you're doing.

Planet People was created by Lost With Friends LLC to help build a litter conscious community.

Kickstarter Successfully funded: See full donor list here.